WHY Nuova C.U.M.E.T.?

Because it's more than 30 years we produce tools
After so many years of commitment, dedication and operators training , we have reached a very high level of quality thanks to consistent and rigorous selection of suppliers of raw materials.

Because we don't like the client have to wait: we do the offers within 24 hours
Everything we do is aimed at total customer satisfaction. Before you receive the offer before you take the order
Tout ce que nous faisons vise à la satisfaction totale du client. Avant  recevoir l'offre et avant prendre les commandes.

Because didn't we give importance and we always try to satisfy your requests
If we arrived where we are is thanks to you. It is therefore essential for us to accept even less interesting requests ... will follow other more appealing!

Because we export over than 32 countries, in China too
To demonstrate that we can compete with the largest and most important manufacturer present in international markets. We are competitive, we speak well at least 2 foreign languages and we are present on the territory with agents and/or dealers

Because we offer a wide range of products
The range of products we offer is among the most complete. Micro cutters from Ø 0.1 mm at the drills we have is what the market required. We can offer many different geometries for multiple applications in all industrial sectors.

If you have a problem is not a problem, just ask
We are a very lean reality which is able to produce special tools within a reasonable time. If necessary, we can produce them in a few days from the order.

Because we are on time deliveries
Because it's for more than 30 years that we do this job. Every production process is strictly controlled and do not promise what we cannot keep.

Because we are a dynamic and efficient company
In all these years we never stopped and we have always invested in new production technologies and control. This allowed us to distinguish ourselves from the others in quality, product and communication.

Because all our prices are inclusive of packaging

It is important that the tool will arrive intact at destination. The cases are used to protect the tool from collisions and at the same time a pleasant design. Obviously you it costs nothing.

Because we can guarantee that all our products are manufactured in Italy
It is not always true that things done in a hurry are evil. This is one of those cases where speed is essential: before we ship and before you deliver to a customer in distress.and you will be grateful.

Because if you register on our web site you'll get all the real-time information of the alternatives and price of the tool you're looking for
We are trying to offer a unique service. The site must not be just a static showcase of what we offer, but must interact with you in choosing the correct tool.  REGISTER AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND!

Because our staff is always at your disposal for any further information you would like to receive
On the other side of the phone you'll always find someone who will try to answer your questions giving you comprehensive answers.

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